Sugar-free Desserts Ideas for Diabetes

So you have just finished dinner and everyone at your table is talking about desserts! But what desserts can a diabetic patient like you have? It is hard to skip dessert when everyone else are indulging in their sweet cravings. The good news is that there is a remedy to this. There is really no harm in grabbing some dessert even if you are suffering from diabetes. The key is to do it in moderation and to choose the right ones. Here are some sugar-free dessert ideas for diabetes.


Homemade Fresh Fruit Salads

Fruit salads are refreshing desserts, and best to be consumed during a warm summer evening. There are some diabetics who tend to avoid fruits due to it  high content of sugar. But total avoidance is not necessary. Again, moderation is key. You simply have to limit your consumption of fruits, especially those with high glycemic. For instance, consider preparing a fruit salad filled fruits of lower glycemic index like berries and pears instead of fruits of higher glycemic index like watermelon and pineapple. Citrus like lemon and oranges are rich in Vitamin C and can be beneficial in fighting all sorts of diabetes complications. Avoid using any canned fruit in your fruit salad as they are usually soaked in syrup which is full of added sugar.

Sugar-free Pudding

Yes, diabetics can definitely eat sugar-free pudding which are easily found off the shelf in groceries stalls and supermarket. An even better news is that you can top it with a spoonful of fat-free whipped cream. Moderation is again important when eating pudding as dessert. So even if you are eating a healthier and sugar-free alternative, keep it to just one serving.


Sugar-free Ice Cream

Unfortunately, it is hard for people with diabetes to find anything suitable in a gelato shop or ice cream parlor. But the good news is that there are lots of other frozen treats that people with diabetics can find in the supermarket. Before you purchase any frozen treat, check the label and look for “all natural and sugar-free ingredients.” And of course, part of the joy of eating ice cream is the toppings. Instead of the sugar laden toppings, consider drizzling a liquefied fruit on your ice cream and add some chopped nuts as finishing touch.

Homemade Pastries

For those who enjoy baking and eating baked goodies such as cakes, brownies and cookies, you do not have to give them up. You can still bake pastries with an altered recipe to suit the diabetes diet. For instance, instead of the usual sugar, using Splenda or other sugar substitutes is a healthier alternative in some recipes which do not need sugar for its chemical properties. Substitute skim milk for full-cream milk in recipes that need milk. Skim milk provides the benefits of vitamin D and calcium without the high content of fat.

A little dessert is definitely okay for those with diabetes. Just make sure that you go for sugar free ones and always eat in moderation. Be careful not to get addicted to or over consume sugar-free products as the artificial food additive can also have adverse effects on diabetes and your health. Remember moderation is key.

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