Important Tips For Eating Out With Diabetes

Just because you have diabetes does not mean that you need to forgo eating out. Eating out is a great way to bond with family and friends. These useful tips for eating out with diabetes will help you make wise choices.


The key to eating out with diabetes is to watch the food you eat. As a diabetes patient, you need to pay close attention to your food choices, including the serving sizes, regardless of whether you are eating out or not.

Go To A Diabetes-friendly Restaurant

Diabetes has become such a common chronic disease that many restaurants have at least 1-2 diabetes-friendly main course(s) in their menu. There are also some specialty restaurants that serve a full menu suitable for diabetes. However, do not limit your enjoyment by thinking that you can no longer go to your favorite restaurant. Ask the restaurant if it is possible to prepare the dish that you want with reduced sugar and fat. Most would be more than happy to do so.

Choose the Right Food When Eating Out With Diabetes

When eating out with diabetes, try to order meals that:

  • Low in fat and most especially in saturated fat – this means avoiding fried food or fatty meat
  • Contain preferably whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, legumes, lean meat
  • Don’t have huge amount of sugar or carbohydrates content.

Managing Your Insulin When Eating Out With Diabetes

When you eat out, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to choose dishes that have enough carbohydrates. This is to ensure that you do not overdose on your insulin. You may ask for extra fruit or fruit juice if you think you need more.
  • If you are having an even bigger meal with more carbohydrates, you may have to increase your dose of insulin before your meal. It is best to discuss this with your dietitian or doctor.

What to Drink When Eating Out With Diabetes

Sugar content in beverages is often overlooked. You should not be drinking any beverage with added sugar in it. When you arrive at the restaurant, request for a glass of water before you order other drinks. This is because staying hydrated also helps in maintaining your blood sugar level. All throughout your meal, these are the drinks you should be having:

  • Water – sparkling, mineral or plain.
  • Herbal tea, coffee and tea.
  • Avoid drinking fruit juices except if you need more carbohydrates.
  • Alcohol must be avoided.

Make Healthier Food Choices When Eating Out With Diabetes

Choosing healthier meals is essential when it comes to eating out with diabetes. For instance, if you are eating at an Italian restaurant, you can order pasta with vegetable or tomato based sauces. Avoid the cream based sauces as they contain more calories. Always go for lean chicken or meat. When eating at a Greek restaurant, always choose bean or yogurt based dips. Grilled meat on skewers is also recommended. If you are eating at a Mexican restaurant, choose less meat and instead, go for more beans. Add extra salad as side dish.

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