10 Signs and Symptoms of Prediabetes


Diabetes occurs when a body no longer produces the necessary amount of insulin to help in carrying the required quantity of sugars to the cells. There are a lot of secondary adverse effects to having diabetes that is why it is very important to know how to avoid it.

Prediabetes is a condition that precedes diabetes and may later lead to diabetes if not treated properly. Though it poses lesser complexities, the risk of it developing into diabetes is high, as it usually displays zero to mild symptoms.

Here are the 10 warning signs and symptoms of prediabetes you should know.

1. Increased Thirst

One of the most obvious symptoms of  prediabetes but is usually overlooked is developing an increased thirst for water. If you notice an evident increase in your need to drink something, you may be at risk of having prediabetes.

As drinking water is just a normal routine for everyone, it may be hard to track how much you are drinking per day. However, if you have a recognizable thirst all throughout the day even without doing any demanding activities, you may want to consider having your glucose level checked as it may indicate that you are suffering from prediabetes.


blood sugar control tip - water