10 Blood Infection Symptoms


Infections are commonly experienced by a lot of people every day and they usually heal either on their own or with the help of antibiotics. Over time, our immune system will get immune to these infections, and with the help of advanced medicine, it is now easier to treat them. However, there are certain infections that are harder to combat and can be detrimental to someone’s life. One of these is septicemia or sepsis, an infection of the blood.

Some cases of blood infections can get very serious and fatal. When the infected body produces excessive amounts of chemicals in the blood and is not treated immediately, the chance of mortality is high. Detecting a blood infection at an early stage is crucial to completely eliminating it from the body. Here are 10 signs and symptoms of blood infection.

1. Fever

One of the amazing functions of the human body is the ability to regulate its own temperature and modify it if needed. The most common example of this is how our body warms up in cold weather and how it utilizes body heat for metabolism.

When our immune system detects a possible threat, it will try to fight it by increasing the body’s temperature. Most bacteria or pathogens go weak when exposed in a hot environment, therefore a body temperature of 37.6 degrees celsius or 99.7 Fahrenheit may help in killing them. This natural body reaction is commonly known as fever.