Is Diet Soda Safe for Diabetes?

Keeping tabs on the sugar and carbohydrate intake is an important aspect in managing your condition. Avoiding sweet sugary drinks like sodas and coke is a must in your diabetes management. It prevents sugar spikes and reduces the risk of developing diabetes complications. What about artificially sweetened drinks like diet sodas? Can people with diabetes drink diet sodas or coke?

Is Diet Soda Safe for diabetes?

If you are trying to keep your blood sugar level in check or perhaps you are working on managing your weight, then diet soda is a better option. Unlike usual soda, this drink is low in sugar and calories and appears to be a much better alternative to sugary juices and drinks.

For instance, Diet Coke and A&W Diet Root beer, claim to be sugar-free. These drinks do not contain any actual sugar, instead, they are filled with artificial sweeteners as well as other unhealthy additives.

Research On Sweeteners and Diet Soda

There have been a lot of debates on safety in the use of artificial sweeteners. A common concern of artificial sweeteners is that it might actually lead to certain types of cancer. Studies done in the 1970s has shown that saccharin, a type of artificial sweetener, is linked to bladder cancer. However, saccharin has been considered safe later on. The US FDA has considered sweeteners as nontoxic. Furthermore, they have also regulated the use of the artificial sweeteners as food additives. They have recognized artificial sweeteners as being safe to be used and sold. Moreover, FDA has also approved saccharin, which is commonly found on diet sodas.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has included diet soda on the list of drinks considered to be safe for diabetes. Furthermore, ADA also recommended diet soda as being a better alternative to the non-diet variety of sodas.

In Conclusion

Whether it is to lose weight or to manage diabetes, becoming proactive on reducing your sugar intake is definitely a positive step. It is important that everyone is mindful of their eating habits including their drinks of choice. Switching to diet soda can certainly help you in managing diabetes and your blood sugar levels.

Drinking a zero calorie drink may be a better option than sugared variety, however, consuming too much artificial sweeteners is not good for your health in the long run. There are other sugar substitutes for diabetes which are less damaging to your body.

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