The Reality of Sugar Free Products - What It Really Does To Your Body

Sugar free – one of the most misleading terms to be seen and heard in the food industry in recent years. All over traditional media and the Internet, we see ads and labels proclaiming how a product doesn’t contain sugar and is considered good for health. Unfortunately, the "sugar free" label is nothing but an advertising tool to target the health conscious and diabetic. There is a huge misconception over its real meaning and its effects on health.

Both the "sugar free" and “no sugar added” label doesn’t indicate the absence of sugar; The former indicates that conventional sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners while the latter means that no extra sugar has been added by the manufacturer. For both cases, the carbohydrate content in these foods are still reduced to sugar/glucose and can spike blood sugar levels.

In "sugar free" products, where artificial sweeteners are concerned, the effects on health are not what it seems...

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