Diabetes Increases Cancer Risk

A group of British scientists state that diabetes is triggering a surge of cancer worldwide. They found that people with high BMI and have diabetes are among the 5.6 percent of new cancer cases. This percentage amounts to about 792,600 people in the year 2012. With this, researchers suggested that effective food policies should be implemented in order to deal with the increasing cases of diabetes.


There are about four million people in the UK alone who are suffering from diabetes. 90 percent of these patients have Type 2 Diabetes. Furthermore, there is an estimated 549,000 people who have Type 2 diabetes but have not been diagnosed. Many more millions are also at risk of developing diabetes.

What Is The Link Between Diabetes And Cancer?

Yet, with Type 2 being linked to high BMI, this can be avoided through healthy lifestyle. Making lifestyle changes, like eating a healthy diet and exercising, is the key to fighting Type 2 Diabetes. Health experts also said that it is now clear that eating well and exercising hold the key to fighting diabetes, obesity and cancer.

You may think that the 5.6 percent BMI and diabetic generated cases are insignificant, but this is actually pretty alarming. Thus, experts highly encourage people to always eat healthy, exercise daily and to keep fit. Make sure that you do not belong to the one of the millions affected.


Diabetes Increases Cancer Risk?

With about 12 million people at high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, it is vital that people should seriously consider reducing their risk. The best way to lower your risk of developing both diabetes and cancer is by maintaining a healthy weight and staying active. One must also avoid smoking and stick to the recommended guidelines on alcohol consumption.

The study published in Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal assessed the increasing number of new cancer cases based on the common occurrence of high BMI and diabetes in 175 countries. The researchers found that most of the cases occur among western countries with high income. They account for about 38.2 percent of cases in the year 2012 and affect about 303,000 people. The 2nd largest proportion in the study is in Southeast and East Asian countries. They account for 24.1 percent, which adds another 190,900 to the overall world total.

It is still unclear whether diabetes increases cancer risk directly. Nonetheless, the number of cancer cases that are being attributed to diabetes and high BMI is said to further increase worldwide due to the prevalence of these two conditions.

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  • T2DM starts with HYPERinsulinemia.
    Many tumour cells (about 4 of 5) have increased numbers of the shorter Type A Insulin Receptors which all feral cells express ad which help humans grow from a few cells into a baby. Insulin stimulates those cells to grow.
    Secondly, insulin suppresses autophagy which helps clean inside the cell and prevents disruption of gene regulation and genetic damage caused by glycosylation of proteins & DNA from high levels of glucose-6-phosphate inside the cells.
    So insulin may facilitate cellular growth dysregulation by interrupting preventative maintenance then stimulate the damaged cells to grow and divide.

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