10 Signs and Symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome


When a persistent or constant burning sensation in the mouth is present, a medical condition known as burning mouth syndrome (BMS) may be the cause. This health issue usually has no clear and evident reason making it harder to avoid. It may bring either different kinds of pain and uneasiness in multiple areas of the mouth or the agony and discomfort can be felt all throughout each part of the mouth at the same time.

BMS may surprise the patient as the factors that trigger this condition are unknown. Although the cause is difficult to determine, these 10 signs and symptoms of BMS may help you identify it and seek treatment as soon as possible.

1. Burning Sensation in the Mouth

The primary and most commonly observed symptom of  burning mouth syndrome or BMS is intense pain in and around the mouth. It may give sensations similar to times when you have consumed something that is boiling, scorching, or stinging in the mouth. The majority of sufferers of BMS encounter this symptom.

This symptom varies for different individuals who are suffering from the condition. It gives a very painful burning feeling to affected persons which can lasts for weeks, months, and even longer in some cases. There is no definite or exact pain level experienced with this syndrome. Some patients report mild pain, while some may describe it as an agonizing sensation.