What Causes Diabetes Heart Disease

An estimate of 50 million people all over the world suffer from diabetes. This chronic condition can lead to various complications such as blindness, kidney failure and neuropathy. One of the most worrisome complication is diabetes heart disease which can lead to heart attack.

Heart Disease In Diabetes

Heart disease, most specifically coronary heart disease, is considered a serious complication of people suffering from diabetes.

Many diabetes patients do not even know that they actually have a type of heart disease, a condition referred to as the silent emyocardial ischmia. Moreover, type 2 diabetes is similar to coronary artery disease, in the sense that its adverse side effects are as worse as that of a heart disease. Framingham Heart Study, one of the most significant studies done on the heart, states that having diabetes increases the risk of heart disease twice in men and thrice in women.


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