Can You Eat Rice If You Have Diabetes?

Glycemic Index of Rice

Studies found that the glycemic Index of rice ranges from 48 to 92, with an average GI of 64. The GI of rice depends on the variety of rice that is being consumed. As a reference, low GI foods are those with a GI of 55 and less. Medium GI foods should range between 56 to 69. High GI foods have a GI of 70 and above.

Carbohydrates are mostly responsible for the varying level of blood sugar in diabetes. Yet, it is important to consume sufficient carbohydrates because it is the source of energy for your brain and body in order to function properly. It is encouraging to include another carbohydrates option to a diabetic diet in order to achieve a well-balanced diet. This is especially applicable for rice, which is a popular and versatile staple.


diabetes and rice