What Cause Headaches In Diabetes?

People suffering from diabetes are highly susceptible to headaches. In fact, persistent headache can be an obvious sign of diabetes. There are various reasons why people with diabetes have headaches and it can may be trying to tell you something.

Here are 4 types of diabetes headaches you need to know:

1. Hyperglycemic Headaches

Hyperglycemia is a term that refers to having too much glucose circulating in the blood as a result of lack of insulin production in the pancreas, or cellular resistance to insulin. Hyperglycemia is a serious condition since high concentrations of glucose can be toxic to the blood vessels and the nerves.

According to health experts, headache is considered an early symptom of hyperglycemia and is usually accompanied with fatigue, confusion and blurred vision. In the absence of  insulin therapy, hyperglycemia can lead to the buildup of ketones which are waste products in both the urine and blood. Buildup of ketones is a serious condition which can lead to coma and death.


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