A 600-Calorie Diet That May Reverse Type 2 Diabetes?

Eating a 600-calorie meal daily for 8 weeks may not be easy. But doing so is enough to fight hunger pangs and help treat your Type 2 Diabetes. As you know, Type 2 Diabetes affects almost 4 million people in the UK. If you want a simple way to combat this condition, you may consider to embark on the 600-calorie a day diet plan.

What Is A 600-Calorie Diet?

As its name suggests, the diet involves consuming only 600 calories per day for eight weeks. However, you do not really need to wait that long to see promising results. In fact, you could be seeing improvements in only a week. The process may seem like a tall order initially. However, the consolation is that your body eventually gets accustomed to the amount of food/calories you are allowed to. This diet is a great way to prevent blood sugar spikes and help in the control of your diabetes.