Is Yogurt Good for Diabetes or Not?

Yogurt is a a common breakfast or snack food and known for its benefits on gut health. Is yogurt good for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes?

How Yogurt Can Help Diabetes

Yogurt is low in carbohydrates and therefore, it will not cause blood sugar spikes. But other than this, there are several other benefits that people with diabetes can get out of eating yoghurt.

Many studies and researches were done in order to find out the health benefits of yogurt. Research showed that fermented foods like yogurt contains probiotics, which are good bacteria that helps to improve gut health. Probiotics is good for ones overall health condition, including people with diabetes. Further research showed that regular consumption of yogurt can be associated with lowering insulin resistance and blood glucose levels. Another study also found a possible link between regular consumption of yogurt and a reduced risk on Type 2 Diabetes. Such studies are really great news for those with diabetes, although more studies are ongoing to investigate other links between yogurt and diabetes.

Although yogurt may be looking good for diabetes, it is crucial to be consuming the right type of yogurt. There many products which have added sugar and are not suitable for diabetes. (..continue to the next page to find out)


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