Is Avocado Really Good for Diabetes?

As it turns out, avocados are not only good for the general crowd but also beneficial to diabetes patients. Research shows that avocados help diabetes patients in managing their condition and improving their entire well-being.


Healthy Diet Crucial for Diabetes

Healthy diet is important for those who are suffering from diabetes. The food that you eat certainly have an impact on how you feel and how well your condition is being controlled.

Generally, people with diabetes must eat foods that can help in blood sugar control and offer other health benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure level. This is no doubt the best way to keep diabetes under control and keep other diabetes complications at bay.

Avocados no doubt, are great for those who have diabetes since they come with several health benefits.

Low in Carbohydrates and High in Fiber, Good for Blood Sugar Control

Blood sugar control is very important for those who have diabetes. Diabetes patients are advised to eat foods that are low in sugar and carbohydrates to prevent spikes in blood sugar level. Avocados have met both requirements.

An average sized avocado contains about 17 grams of carbohydrates. In comparison, an average sized apple has 25 grams of carbohydrates while an average sized banana have 27 grams. Furthermore, an ounce of serving, around one fifth of an avocado, has about 3 grams of carbohydrates but only less than one gram of sugar.

Other than being low in carbohydrates, avocado is also a high fiber food. An average sized avocado contains a good 10 grams of fiber. This brings the net carbohydrates count to only 7 grams in an average sized avocado.

According to the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, on study found that fiber can reduce fasting blood sugar levels and hemoglobin A1C levels in diabetes patients.

Another study published in the American Journal for Clinical Nutrition suggest that the soluble fiber found in avocado helps regulate cholesterol levels. This means lower risks of vascular diseases commonly associated with diabetes.

In summary, the low carbohydrates content in avocado is unlikely to cause blood sugar spikes. Furthermore, the high fiber content helps regulate blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels to improve vascular health.


High in Healthy Fats Helps Improve Vascular Health 

It is very important for diabetes patients to pay attention to the fats that they are consuming. Specifically, you should strictly limit the amount of unhealthy fats. Among these are trans fats and saturated fats found in fried foods, processed food and fatty meats.

Avocado is high in fat. However, the fat found in avocados are healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) which are beneficial to diabetes patients. MUFAs are known to protect heart health by reducing levels of  bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides fats, and lowering blood pressure. It helps prevent heart diseases and stroke which diabetes patients are highly susceptible to. Futhermore, MUFA can also benefit blood sugar control in diabetes patients. According to Journal of the American College of Nutrition, on study found that monounsaturated fatty acids may help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

High in Calories But Not Necessarily Bad

Other than carbohydrates count, another important factor to consider is your calorie intake.

Avocado is a relatively high calorie fruit. A whole avocado contains around 250-300 calories and an ounce of serving has around 50 calories. If you are watching your calorie intake to lose weight, you may consider replacing a serving of avocado with something of similar amount of calories such as mayonnaise and butter. Avoid pairing avocado with another high calorie food such as red meat and cheese.

On a good note, contrary to being a high in calorie, avocado actually helps control calorie intake. Avocados actually increases satiety and keeps a person feeling full for a longer period. According to Nutrition Journal, one study suggest that just consuming half an avocado can keep a person feeling full for up to 5 hours.

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