Is Pizza REALLY Bad for Diabetes?

If you have diabetes, specifically Type 2, you need to alter your eating habits, as well as your lifestyle. Diabetes, although not fatal, is a chronic disease that can lead to serious complications. It is important to manage your condition through a healthy diet and active lifestyle. If you are a pizza-lover, you are probably wondering if you are allowed to indulge in your favorite treat even with diabetes. Read on to find out.


What To Eat If You Have Diabetes?

Deciding what to eat if you have diabetes is always a big challenge. Pizza is that one food that everyone loves and sometimes crave. So can you treat yourself with a delicious slice of pizza when you have diabetes?

The answer is yes, you can. But you have to make sure that you understand the nutritional content of the type of pizza you will be eating. As you know, there are many different pizza toppings and all these can have some effects in your diabetes diet. The key is to know what you are eating and how you can incorporate it into your eating plan.

Is Pizza Safe For Diabetes?

Pizzas do have some healthy elements in them, such as vegetables and cheese. However, the foundation of the pizza, which is the crust, is made of bread or dough. In fact, the bread or dough is made from simple carbohydrates, which are essential sugars, and is the type of sugar that can spike up your blood sugar level. Foods that are filled with carbohydrates should be consumed in moderation. Hence, this applies to pizza as well.

Another key ingredient of pizza is the tomato sauce. Although it is not exactly unhealthy, some can be filled with too much sugar. This is something to note when it comes to pizza. The dough and tomato sauce in pizza are key ingredients that can spike your blood sugar level when not controlled.


1 Slice Of Standard Pizza Is Acceptable For Diabetics

Having a slice of pizza is acceptable for diabetes patients, but no more than 1 serving which is 1 slice of 6 ounce pizza. You have to be cautious of the toppings. It is best to go with a flavor with at least 2 varieties of fresh vegetables on it. Avoid deli cuts as they are high in fat and sodium. In fact, vegetarian pizza piled with fresh vegetables is most ideal for diabetes patients.

Homemade Pizza Is Best For Diabetics

Try a homemade pizza as and when you crave for one. This way you can customize it into a diabetes-friendly pizza. For instance, whole grain flour or other low carb flour alternatives instead of white flour for the crust. Make your crust as thin as possible. Concoct your own tomato sauce without added sugar and top your pizza with wholesome vegetables, mushrooms and grilled chicken slices.

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