How To Save Money In Diabetes Care

From co-pays to the cost of medication and supplies, having Type 2 Diabetes is truly expensive. According to one study on Diabetes Care, it has been found that a person who has diabetes will spend almost $4,000 each year on medical expenses alone. Moreover, the medical cost could increase up to $150 every year right after the diagnosis. Most of the costs usually come from complications as a result of diabetes, such as kidney disease. But don’t worry, for there are some ways on how you can minimize your expenses.


Know What Your Diabetes Management Goals Are

You should spend some valuable time with your doctor in discussing about your disease management goals. Ask what your goals are in terms of your blood glucose level, cholesterol level and blood pressure. Find out why you need to strive for these goals and make sure that you’re committed to these decisions.

Go Generic

When it comes to your medication, always ask for the generics. Most of the medications for diabetes are available in the generic form, which have cheaper prices, especially insulin. So when buying your medications at a pharmacy, ask about generic substitutes.

Set Schedule for your Blood Tests

Checking your blood sugar level in a regular basis can help to keep it under control. However, testing strips can add up to your diabetes care expenses. So work out some alternatives with your doctor and figure out how often you should get tested in order to achieve your glucose control. The frequency of monitoring should depend on whether you are using insulin or oral medication and how much control you have over your blood sugar level.


Ask About Discount Programs

Ask your pharmacist, doctor and manufacturer of diabetic medications and supplies if you can take advantage of a discount program that will allow you to save more money. Find out if you’re eligible in any of these programs and if not, ask how you can get qualified.

Long-Term versus Short-Term Diabetes Costs

The cost of your diabetes care today might be stretching out your budget. But there are certain hard choices to make when it comes to this. First of all, controlling your blood sugar regularly can cost you more in the short term. Yet, if you will not manage your blood sugar level now, you could be face with even more problems in the future which means more money needed to treat those problems later. So it is better to be committed in controlling your diabetes and focus on improving your condition to prevent incurring unnecessary medical bills in the future.

Remember that living with diabetes means that you may need to make some difficult choices. However, there are so many ways on how you can stay healthy and keep your blood sugar level under control, while staying within your budget.

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