How To Build Muscles When You Have Diabetes

Staying active is very important if you are suffering from diabetes. Some studies show that performing weight training exercises can help to prevent and reverse the onset of Type 2 Diabetes. As you build more muscles, your body will be able to burn more calories, which is essential for your health. Despite the benefits that come with building muscles, you need to be cautious when it comes to exercising. It is important to do appropriate exercises that are suitable for your condition.


Consult your Doctor

Although physical activities are good for people with diabetes, it is important to first check with your doctor before you do any kind of intense workout, such as weight training. Your doctor can perform the necessary evaluation to determine if you are healthy enough to do certain exercises.

According to the American Diabetes Association, your doctor may advise you against weight training if you are suffering from certain diabetes complications. If your doctor advises against weight training, this does not mean you can not exercise. Consider doing lighter activities such as jogging or walking exercises.


Hire a Personal Trainer

Although it is not really necessary to hire a personal trainer, but this will certainly be very helpful if you are new to weight training. Your personal trainer can assist you in achieving your goals and will design workouts that are safe for you. Most gyms usually have personal trainers so check if you can hire any of them.
When you do hire a personal trainer, do not forget to tell him or her about your diabetes. This can help them to design workouts that would work best for you. Informing your trainer of your diabetes is also important for your safety. Your trainer would take necessary precautions and monitor you for any signs of hypoglycemia and other diabetes emergencies during your workout.

Focus on Larger Muscle Groups

Focusing on larger muscle groups can lead to faster results when it comes to building muscles. The major area of your body you should focus on is the chest, back, legs and arms. There are several types of workouts that help to train each of these areas and improve your overall muscle mass.

Eat After Every Workout

Do not forget to have a good nutritious meal after every workout. Constant exercising can deplete your body of essential fluids and nutrients. In order to ensure that your workout will be even more successful, you must replace these fluids and nutrients. When preparing your meals, make sure that it is suitable for your diabetic diet. You can consult your doctor or a dietitian when it comes to this.

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