What Causes Hemorrhoid In Diabetes

Other Treatment for Those with Diabetes

Aside from those mentioned, there are several other hemorrhoid treatment options for those with diabetes. You can have protectants, topical anesthetics and astringents, including the following.

  • Anesthetics – this helps you in relieving the feeling of pain and burning sensation. It blocks the sensation areas when applied on the affected area. Anesthetics must be used externally at the perianal area since this is where the concentration of the nerve endings is.
  • Astringent – this will cause the tissues on the hemorrhoids to get dry. It will then relieve you of the itching and burning sensation. Witch hazel is highly recommended to be used externally and to provide temporary relief.
  • Protectants – this will form a physical barrier on the skin and the mucous membranes. Hence, decreasing the feeling of inflammation and prevent water loss.

It is important to talk to your doctor before using any kind of medication. Make sure your doctor knows that you have diabetes so you will be prescribed with a safe medication.