10 Signs and Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot


The athlete’s foot is a medical condition that is characterized by an infection caused by fungi that are triggered by warm, humid, damp, and sweaty feet that are frequently experienced by athletes, thus the name. The fungus that affects this condition is called trichophyton, which is present almost everywhere and can be acquired through walking without shoes or wearing socks that are contaminated.

Athlete’s foot is easy to treat. Most over-the-counter anti-fungal creams can help relieve the symptoms of this infection. However, the condition can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to have. Knowing its symptoms can help you to prevent and treat athlete’s foot at an early stage. Here are the 10 common signs and symptoms of Athlete’s foot.

1. Itchy Feet

One obvious sign of athlete’s foot is itchiness which can range from mild to extreme. Those who suffer from severe itchiness of the feet are often affected when carrying out their daily chores and routine as frequent itching and scratching happen. The fungi present when you have an athlete’s foot mostly reside in between the toes hence making this part of your feet particularly itchy.

Regular scratching may aggravate the condition of your infection. Instead, you should ease this discomfort by applying topical that are specialized to treat this type of fungi. If symptoms persist, it is ideal to have it checked by your doctor.


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