What Causes Hemorrhoid In Diabetes

Natural Treatment and Prevention for Hemorrhoids

If you have both diabetes and hemorrhoids, taking medications for hemorrhoids can negatively affect your blood sugar levels. Hence, it is safer to treat hemorrhoids naturally. Here are some of the safest prevention and treatment methods:

  • Eat lots of fiber-enriched foods, such as fresh fruits, bran and vegetables. Products that contain psyllium are also recommended for a fiber-enriched diet.
  • Avoid straining when you defecate and do not sit in the toilet for a long period.
  • Applying ice compress can help ease swelling.
  • Sit in warm water for about 15 mins at a time to help ease the symptoms. Add Epsom salt in the water to help relieve you of the inflammation. Take Slitz baths several times a day to soothe the pain.
  • Avoid eating foods that can worsen the feeling of discomfort.