Why You Shouldn’t Skip Meals When You Have Diabetes

Many people resort to skipping meals to lose weight. This is something you should not be doing intentionally when you have diabetes. Here is why..


Negative Effects of Skipping Meals

Eating regular meals is very important in diabetes management because it plays a part in regulating your blood sugar levels. A regular routine of consuming healthy and well-balanced meals can help to stabilize your blood sugar levels. Contrary, eating late or skipping meals can have an adverse effect on blood sugar control. This is especially so if you are taking oral medications to control your blood sugar levels. When you eat late or skip meals, your blood sugar level could drop drastically. This results in low blood sugar which can be detrimental to your health.

Skipping a meal can cause you to make a bad choice for a later meal. People who skip meals generally end up eating more later. Furthermore, they are more likely to consume carbs-loaded meals later which definitely do not bode well for people with diabetes. The sudden increase in carbs would mean and influx of sugar in your bloodstream. Your pancreas will struggle to keep up with the insulin that your body needs to regulate the increase in blood sugar. As a result, your blood sugar level will increase.


Skipping Meals Will Not Help in Losing Weight

Losing weight is one of the keys to improving your diabetes. But skipping meal is definitely not the best way to it. When you skip a meal and starve yourself, it is very likely that you end up devouring more food than you need later on. Overeating in fact leads to weight gain. It also causes a spike in your blood sugar. The best method of losing weight is to adhere to a healthy eating plan.

Skipping Meals Deprive You of Getting Enough Nutrients

Eating is necessary for all people. This is how we are able to get our recommended daily amount of nutrients. Thus, if you skip meals, you will not get enough nutrients that your body needs. Skipping meals will minimize your intake of high quality food and will make you susceptible to illnesses. If you have diabetes, you may end up catching infections easily. Therefore, you should eat the right foods so that your immune system will not be compromised.

The Bottom Line

Remember that skipping meals is definitely not the solution to losing weight. This is especially true for people with diabetes. If you’re trying to lose weight, you should focus on eating the right food. Your meals should be rich in fiber, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Of course, don’t forget to exercise too!

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