Understanding The Link Between Diabetes And Potassium

How to Prevent Your Potassium Level from Fluctuating

You must consume at least 4.7 grams of potassium every day in order to keep your potassium level on track. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you monitor your daily food intake using a journal and determine the potassium content of every food you consume. Below are some of the best sources of potassium:

Limit your consumption of processed foods since they are not a good source of potassium. If you perspire a lot when exercising, add a post workout smoothie to your routine. This helps to replenish some of the lost potassium and balance the electrolyte level of your body.

See Your Doctor

If you think you are not getting the right amount of potassium, consider seeing your doctor or nutritionist. Your doctor can work out a plan to help you consume more potassium without affecting your diabetes diet.

With proper monitoring and advance planning, you should be able to control your potassium level while managing your diabetes.


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