Why Should Diabetes Patients Avoid Fruits?

Effects of Fruits in Diabetes

The above-mentioned fruits that are high in sugar are high in pulp, where the sugar is concentrated. If this sugar metabolizes into your system, it will prompt a sudden increase in the level of insulin. The spike in insulin can create a sudden increase of blood glucose. If your blood glucose level becomes too high, it will trigger a reaction in the body and can cause the body to shut down. This condition is called the sugar attack which can lead to dizziness or even unconsciousness.

Portion Control

Portion control is important in controlling diabetes, even if your diet is filled with fruits. Huge amounts of fruits, like apples, can still lead to a spike in your insulin. This is because larger consumption of fruit can lead to a huge consumption of carbohydrates as well. Moreover, some fruits, like watermelon and pears can break down faster than others fruits like apples and cherries.


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