How To Choose A Supper Snack With Diabetes

Snacking is actually an important part of diabetes diet. This is especially so for those who suffer from low blood sugar levels during sleep. Eating a small treat before bed can help to stabilize your blood sugar. It is important that you reach for foods that are not loaded calories. Some of the good snacks to consume before bedtime are those that combine protein, carbohydrates and a little healthy fat. When choosing a supper snack before bedtime, there are a few things to consider:

Go for Carbohydrates with Few Calories and Sugar

Carbohydrates which are low in calories and sugar are good options for their snacks just before bedtime. Some examples of carbohydrates that are low in calories and sugar include saltine crackers, fat free tortilla chips, and low fat popcorn. Fruits are a more diet friendly option as a supper snack. You can have grapes, apples, oranges and pears. These fruits can help curb your sweet cravings without altering your blood sugar level drastically.


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