How To Choose A Supper Snack With Diabetes

Protein Is Also Important

Protein is also an important aspect of the diabetes diet. This is especially so as a nighttime snack because proteins help to counteract the carbohydrates and help keep blood glucose levels stable. Among the best examples of protein rich snacks that you can safely consume at bedtime are skim milk, cheese, cup of yogurt and peanut butter. Milk and yogurt double as sources of both proteins and carbohydrate which means that they can be consumed alone as snacks. The remaining two examples, cheese and peanut butter, should be best consumed in minimal portions along with crackers.

Include Small Amounts of Healthy Fats

Bedtime snacks for diabetes should come with some healthy fats. These should not to be mistaken with junk foods that are rich in calories. Ice cream, cookies, potato chips as well as snack cakes are the exact opposite of healthy fats and should be avoided. Snack foods that are sources of healthy fats include cashews, almonds, peanuts, avocados and nut butter.


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