How Does Chewing Gum Affect Your Blood Sugar?

Does Chewing A Gum Affect Your Blood Sugar Level?

So does chewing a gum regularly affects your level of blood sugar? The answer will mainly depend on the type of gum you chew. Most chewing gums are loaded with sugars and may have lots of carbohydrates in them. When you chew on these types of gums, the possible outcome will be an increase in your blood sugar.

Therefore, make sure that you go for sugar-free gums. Keep in mind to do it in moderation since it may contain lots of unhealthy artificial sweeteners. This can wreak havoc to your digestive system, and eventually to your overall health.

Chewing Gum Burns You Calories

Yes, surprisingly, chewing gum can actually burn you calories! According to a study held by Mayo Clinic, you can burn 11 calories for every hour of chewing gum. The study suggest that chewing non-caloric gum in the day through the time that you are awake can help you shed up to 11 pounds a year. However, such results are only possible with non-caloric gum. Standard gum sweetened with added sugar contains 11 calories per piece and even low-calorie sugar-free gums has around 5 calories per piece.


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