10 Signs and Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma


Morton’s neuroma is a medical condition wherein tissues in the nervous system thickens and do not function well. There are different types of neuroma that affect various parts of the body. Morton’s neuroma in particular targets the affect person’s foot. This disease can be often felt around the metatarsal bones, located near the bottom of the foot in the middle of the third and fourth toe.

A neuroma is not considered a severe condition. However, it may cause impairment to the affected nerve. Here are 10 common signs and symptoms of Morton’s neuroma.

1. Tingling

The most common symptom of Morton’s neuroma is having the sensation of pins and needles poking through the skin. This tingling that is felt in the surrounding area of the affected nerve may cause discomfort and mild pain to some.

When someone suffers from Morton’s neuroma, an unpleasant prickly feeling is experienced around the ball of the foot. This is where the irritated and damaged nerve is located in most cases. Though tingling sensations are not alarming, it is important to have it checked as it may cause further damage to the nerves if not treated.