Why Does Diabetes Lead to Amputation

Reasons Behind the Risk of Diabetes Amputation

The increased risk of amputation for those with diabetes is due to certain causes. One of these is peripheral neuropathy. This condition means persistent high blood sugar level has caused damage to your nerves, hence leading to painful and tingling sensation of the hands and feet, but most especially on the feet. You may end up stepping into something sharp and not feel anything at all. Without any proper monitoring, such injury can lead to untreated infection in the foot, also known as foot ulcer or foot sore. If such infection worsens and is left untreated, it can lead to amputation.

About 0.65 percent of those who have diabetes, below 44 years old, and suffering from foot ulcers are at high risk to amputation. The percentage may seem small, however, if foot ulcers will occur, it could turn serious especially if left untreated.