Why Does Diabetes Lead to Amputation

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then there is a greater chance that you will someday require an amputation, especially in your lower limb. Yes, this is a frightening thought. Nevertheless, medical experts believe being well-informed on the risks involved with diabetes enables patients to take preventive steps as early as possible.

Risk of Amputation for Those With Diabetes

It has been said that about 60 percent of lower limb amputations, that were not due to trauma, in ages 20 years old and beyond, occur in people who are suffering from diabetes. Furthermore, in the year 2010, about 73,000 of those with non traumatic lower limb amputations are adults who have diabetes. Thus, there is always a risk of amputation for those with diabetes, regardless of which type of diabetes you have.

In recent years, there are lesser cases of amputations on the lower and upper limbs, however, there is an increase in amputations of toes or part of toes, according to a research published by the Foot and Ankle International.