Blood Sugar Control Tip – Cumin For Diabetes

Cumin is a type of spice that gives a characteristic flavor. It is an important ingredient in curries, a popular dish in India, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Middle East. Cumin is the dried seeds of a herb plant, Cuminum cyminum, which belongs in the family of parsley. It has uses in medicinal purposes since the ancient times, particularly for digestion and preventing food-borne infections. In old Egypt, cumin was not just a spice but also a preservative for mummification. Recent studies suggest positive effects of consuming cumin for diabetes.


How Does Cumin Help In Blood Sugar Control?

Modern scientific researches have indicated that the therapeutic doses of cumin may also have positive effects in blood sugar control in people who have diabetes.

A study done to investigate the effects of certain essential oil combinations on diabetes. In the study, diabetes induced lab rats administered essential oil combinations containing cumin oil. Researchers observed that the concoction has successfully lowered blood glucose levels in the animal subjects. They hypothesized that cumin as well as other essential oils may increase a person’s sensitivity against insulin.

Another study done to investigate the effect of cumin consumption on diabetes. In the study, diabetes participants took cumin along with their usual medications. After 12 weeks of taking around two grams of cumin each day, the participants experienced a significant drop in their blood sugar level. This led to the conclusion that cumin may indeed be an effective treatment for diabetes.

The two aforementioned studies denote that cumin may have some positive effects on diabetes and blood sugar control. However, no official statement is made by any health institution and cumin remains a folk remedy. More studies are warranted on the subject.

How To Take Cumin For Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

You can enjoy the benefits of cumin for diabetes by simply using it as a spice in your cooking. You can also take it as tea. Cumin also comes in tablets and pills as forms of supplements. However, seek your doctor‘s opinion before embarking on any cumin supplementation.

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