Lies You Should Never Tell Your Doctor When You Have Diabetes

You may wonder how harmful a little white lie can be when it comes to talking to your doctor about your condition. If you are suffering from diabetes, little white lies can have an adverse effect on your treatment. Here is how some common lies can mess with your diabetes and overall health.

“I Exercise Everyday”

Statistics show that up to 20 percent of people with diabetes exercise regularly. Exercising is very important because it can help to enhance insulin sensitivity. Exercising prompts your muscle cells to use more glucose from your bloodstream.

If your blood sugar is high and you are not exercising, your doctor might end up increasing your drug dosage or change your medication. Your doctor will think that your condition is not getting better despite you doing all you can including exercising. You might end up getting more doses when all you actually need is just a workable activity plan.

It is definitely a wiser choice to admit to your doctor about your sedentary lifestyle. Ask for advice on what you can do to encourage and help yourself exercise more.


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