Lies You Should Never Tell Your Doctor When You Have Diabetes

“I Check My Blood Sugar Regularly”

Blood sugar monitoring is a very powerful tool in managing your diabetes and keeping it under control. However, statistics show that two out of three people with diabetes do not actually check their blood sugar level as often as they should.

Remember that testing your blood sugar is highly recommended. It is important to help keep your glucose level in control. It also helps in determining what treatment is working and what is not working sooner. Hence checking your blood sugar regularly is crucial in your treatment process.

Diabetes patients are required to test themselves up to 4 times each day. For those who are using insulin pump, up to 7 times a day. When you see your doctor, you need to be honest with how often you check your blood sugar. And if you fail check your blood sugar regularly, explain why you did not. Perhaps, you are confused with how to use the glucose meter or you simply dread the painful pricks on your skin. Your doctor can recommend much better alternatives when it comes to these.



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