10 Signs and Symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in your body and is responsible for keeping nerve and brain cells functioning optimally. However, too much serotonin build up can be harmful or even deadly. This condition is known as Serotonin syndrome or serotonin toxicity.

Serotonin syndrome can range from mild to severe. It can become life threatening for the patient. This disease occurs when you take medications which cause the body’s serotonin levels to accumulate. Most patients get the mild form from taking prescribed medications for an existing health condition. However, some illegal drugs can also cause this syndrome. The mild form when discovered early can be treated by stopping the use of the medication or taking a serotonin blocking drug.

Those who are using more than one serotonergic medications are at high risk of developing this syndrome. Here are 10 signs and symptoms of Serotonin syndrome you need to know:

1. Muscle Rigidity

Someone with serotonin syndrome may experience muscle rigidity. You will known you have muscle rigidity when stretching and relaxing muscles becomes an effort. A person may feel as if the muscle is slower, weaker and stiffer than usual. Muscle rigidity may also cause pain and aches from poor mobility. Not being able to flex and move your muscles correctly while taking serotonergic medications are enough to prompt you to seek out professional advice to make sure that your serotonin levels are normal.