Gastroparesis In Diabetes

How to Manage Gastroparesis in Diabetes

If you suffer from both diabetes and gastroparesis, the most important treatment is to manage your blood glucose level. This can be done with treatments of oral medications, insulin injection and changing the type of food that you eat.

When you are suffering from gastroparesis, the food you consume is absorbed more slowly and at unpredictable times. As such, your blood sugar levels can rise and fall unpredictably. Thus, you need to discuss with your doctor on how you can best manage your blood glucose whilst dealing with gastroparesis. Your physician or dietitian may create a treatment plan that involves the following:

  • Take insulin regularly.
  • Take insulin after eating instead of taking it before.
  • Regularly check your blood glucose to better match the insulin.

Your doctor should be able to give you specific instructions depending on your needs and condition. In some cases, certain drugs are prescribed to treat gastroparesis. A combination of different drugs may be required.