What Causes Diabetes Hair Loss?

Diabetes patients are highly exposed to the risk of eyes, heart, vascular, kidney and other complications. However, another issue that is not often discussed is hair fall. Although this symptom is not health threatening,  it is certainly a concern when it starts affecting your appearance. Here is how diabetes can trigger diabetes hair loss.


Hormonal Changes

Imbalance in the hormones can affect ones body in so many ways and hair fall is just one of the symptoms. After the first onset of diabetes, one would notice some hormonal changes in his or her body. According to medical experts, it is these changes that can also affect the health of one’s hair, thereby leading to the loss of hair.

Poor Blood Circulation

As we know, proper nutrition is very important to achieve healthy hair. Healthy blood circulation of the scalp can help to ensure that nutrients will be able to reach the hair follicles and ensure strength as well as overall health.

In most cases, diabetes could affect the body’s blood circulation. This can lead to poor circulation of the blood and most especially in the extremities of the body, such as the head. Without proper nutrition, the hair follicles could become weak and eventually, dies. This will then lead to excessive hair fall. Not having enough blood supply to the scalp can also prevent the growth of new hair leading to diabetes hair loss.


High Level of Blood Sugar

As discussed, poor blood circulation could lead to hair fall. Diabetes patients might suffer from excessive hair fall as a result of high blood sugar level. Because of the high level of glucose in the blood, proper nutrients, especially oxygen, may not be able to reach the hair follicles. As a result, excessive hair fall will happen.

Medications and Other Treatment

The treatment for diabetes usually involves medications and it may also be the culprit behind hair loss. There are indeed certain medications that could trigger hair fall. In this case, you may need to talk to your doctor for possible alternatives.

Weak Immune System

Most diabetics have a higher risk of suffering from certain issues, such as thyroid. If the thyroid is not working well, extreme hair fall could take place. Other skin diseases and rashes can also cause the scalp to be unhealthy. This will then cause the hair roots to become week, which will eventually lead to hair loss.

As you see, there are various reasons on why a diabetic person could suffer from diabetes hair loss. So talk to your doctor now and see how this can be remedied.

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