Eating Oatmeal When You Have Diabetes

As a diabetes patient, what you eat can impact your condition. Eating foods high in nutrients and fiber, yet low in sugar and bad fat can help to maintain a healthy level of blood sugar in your body. These good eating habits can also aid in improving your overall health. One of the foods that are most recommended for those with diabetes is oatmeal. This food comes with a lot of health benefits and is often a go to food. However, oatmeal can sometimes be bad for diabetes.

Benefits of Oatmeal for those With Diabetes

Before we discuss how oatmeal can be bad for diabetes, let’s first acknowledge its benefits.

Including oatmeal into your diet can somehow help to manage your diabetes when consumed in the appropriate manner. Firstly, thanks to its low glycemic index and high fiber content, oatmeal can help to regulate your blood sugar level. Secondly, it is healthy for the heart and can help to lower your cholesterol levels. Last but not least, since it is high in fiber, oatmeal will keep you feeling full longer and prevent you from snacking unnecessarily. Hence, it helps in weight management, which is important for those with diabetes.

In additional to its nutritional value, when oatmeal is cooked or soaked ahead, it can serve as a quick and easy meal for anyone with a busy schedule.

Having mentioned the goodness of oatmeal, it can be bad for diabetes if you are not careful with how it is being consumed. So how can oatmeal be bad for diabetes? (..find out on the next page)


diabetes and oatmeal