Blood Sugar Control Tip – Jamun

Jamun, commonly known as the black plum, java plum, is a fruit from a tropical tree, Syzygium cumini, native to India and adjacent Southeast Asia regions. In Ayurvedic medicine, jamun has various medicinal purposes such as treating digestive disorders, improving immune system, improving heart health and even used for skin care.  Of all its medicinal uses, Jamun most commonly used to treat diabetes and help in blood sugar control.


Jamun go by many other names which includes jambul, jambas, jambolan, rajaman, kala jamun, neredu, naval, nerale, jamali and black berry. The fruit is acidic in nature but tastes sweet. The two major sugars found in the fruit are fructose and glucose. The fruit is laden with vitamins and minerals and has only few calories unlike other fruits.

How Does Jamun Help in Diabetes Blood Sugar Control?

Jamun has been shown to have special use when it comes to treating diabetes. The bark, seeds and leaves of the tree all contain anti-diabetic properties. The key ingredient of Jamun, which is responsible for its anti-diabetic action, is Jamboline. This chemical exists in the seeds of the fruit. Several studies suggest that Jamun has hypoglycemic effects and could reduce one’s blood sugar level by up to 30 percent. Furthermore, the seeds contain alkaloids which have hypoglycemic effects. The fruit can further enhance your insulin’s sensitivity and activity in your body.

How to Consume Jamun for Diabetes Blood Sugar Control?

Diabetes patients can include Jamun in their diet in order to help stabilize their blood sugar level.  As jamun is a seasonal fruit, it is mostly available during the summer months. Fortunately, you can also obtain its benefits from other parts of the plant. Here are the various ways to use jamun for blood sugar control:

  • Simply eating the fruit regularly
  • Drinking a blended juice of the fruit
  • Taking the alcoholic extract of its seeds
  • Consuming decoction of bark and powdered seeds
  • Taking the extract of bark, seeds and leaves
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