Ertugliflozin for diabetes

Ertugliflozin, which is an SGLT2 inhibitor drug, is the recent drug to have been approved for treating Type 2 Diabetes. nistration (FDA), has recently approved the drug for use in treating the condition.

The drug was approved for use as a single therapy and along with other diabetes medications, such as Januvia (sitagliptin) and metformin. This comes after the successful results of 2 phase III trials that were done early in the year.

Pharmacological approaches in treating diabetes and managing the condition have expanded from just the use of metformin. Several studies have looked at the different treatment modalities and health outcome of newer anti-diabetic agents. One of these is the Ertugliflozin. Developed by drug companies Pfizer and Merck, Ertugliflozin has been shown to improve the level of blood sugar among those with diabetes. The drug is also under review for approval by the European Medicines Agency in Europe.

Other than improving blood sugar levels, Ertugliflozin also has a two other advantages. (..find out on the next page)