10 Signs and Symptoms of Tapeworm


What are tapeworms?

A tapeworm is a type of parasite that can live inside the human body. Any living thing that will attach itself to a host, such as a human, animal, or plant, is a parasite. The tapeworm will feed off the nutrition inside the human body to survive. Symptoms can be a bit mysterious and you may not be able to identify tapeworms easily. Tapeworms generally make their way inside the human body from eggs found in raw or undercooked meat. Drinking contaminated water is another method of transmission. Tapeworms can also cause a dangerous infection known as Taeniasis.

Look out for these 10 signs and symptoms of tapeworm.

1. Stomach Pain

Tapeworms can cause gastrointestinal distress and trauma to the digestive system. You might have a lot of stomach pain. Stomach pain ranges from sharp, dull, mild ache or cramps that come and go. Pain in the abdomen caused by tapeworms usually occurs in the upper abdomen above the belly button and is severe. The pain, in this case, is often sharp and shooting, lasting for long periods.


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