Bitter Gourd Juice For Diabetes

How to Prepare Bitter Gourd Juice

Here are some of the easiest steps on how to prepare your bitter gourd juice. This recipe will require using a few slices of bitter gourd and some drops of lemon. To make it even more effective, consider adding some turmeric into the mixture.

  1. First, wash a few pieces of bitter gourd. You may choose to peel the top most skin or not. If the skin does not bother you, you can save the trouble and leave it. Most people do not like the skin and would prefer to peel it away.
  2. Cut the vegetables into fine pieces. Add a pinch of salt and rub some turmeric. Set it aside for some time. Place in the juicer to extract the juice.
  3. You can also choose to juice the vegetable manually by crushing the pieces together. You may sieve it if you want to. Add a bit of fresh lemon juice to make it taste even better.