Bitter Gourd Juice For Diabetes

How Does Bitter Gourd Help With Blood Sugar Control

There are several other ways of preparing the bitter gourd juice. However, the steps above are the easiest way to start. Remember to try to consume the juice on an empty stomach, especially if you have diabetes. If you are obese or overweight, bitter gourd juice can also benefit you. This is because bitter gourd can help to improve your metabolism by stimulating the production of bile juice in the liver.

As mentioned earlier, the bitter gourd juice has been found to be truly effective in lowering your blood sugar level. It will not only target a specific tissue or organ in your body unlike other medications. What it does instead is to facilitate the glucose metabolism of your body. This is made possible because of the two essential compounds, momordicin and charatin, found in it. These two compounds play an important role in lowering your level of blood sugar.