10 Signs and Symptoms of Leukemia


The human body consists of different cells that have various functions or responsibilities. The most commonly known are red and white blood cells. The red blood cells act as a carrier of oxygen all over the body including vital organs.

On the other hand, the white blood cells combat infections and possible harmful elements in the body. Although they have a distinct function of their own, our bodies need only enough amount of each. Overproduction may lead to disorders such as leukemia. The abnormal growth of white blood cells or also called leukemia cells may branch out to multiple complications if not treated. Here are 10 signs and symptoms of Leukemia.

1. Loss of Weight

There are a lot of illnesses that may cause unexplained and sudden loss of appetite, leukemia is one of them. In line with this common sign, losing appetite often results in malnutrition and rapid loss of weight. Cancer patients are also the usual sufferers of this non-specific symptom.

Most people  do physical activities and routine workouts to lose weight either for aesthetic or health purposes. However, if you notice an unexplainable and swift weight loss without changing your diet or lifestyle, there is a chance that you may be suffering from disorders such as leukemia.