Why Are Electrolytes Important For Diabetes

Have you been told by your doctor to replenish your electrolytes when you are severely dehydrated or when you are dealing with an extremely high blood sugar level? Electrolytes imbalance in diabetes can be caused by different reasons.

What Are Electrolytes?

There are various common electrolytes that can be found in the body, and each of these serve a specific and important role. However, most are in some way responsible in maintaining the proper balance of fluids in between the intracellular as well as the extracellular environments. Such balance is important for nerve impulses, hydration, muscle function, as well as pH levels.

With proper water balance in the body, electrolytes will separate into negative and positive ions to generate electricity in the body. This is needed to help maintain various body functions. If the body loses too much water or when you become dehydrated, electrolyte imbalance will occur. When you perform heavy exercise, potassium and sodium electrolytes in particular, will be lost when you sweat out. In order to ensure constant electrolyte concentration in your body, fluids should be consumed regularly.

If you have diabetes, the cause of your electrolytes imbalance may be somewhat different.

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