10 Signs and Symptoms of Staph Infection


Staphylococcal infections are more commonly referred to as Staph. These bacterial infections can be treated normally with good antibiotics or personal care. However, the problem is when they leave the skin area and enter into the body. It is then, that they become worrisome and problematic. A staph infection can do turmoil to different body systems. It can enter the body in different ways and wreak havoc in body organs.

A staph infection is contagious and can be spread from person to person, which is dangerous. This means one can catch it, sometimes unbeknownst to its origin! It can also be spread through objects such as towels, remotes, equipment, and the handles of doors. Another way to catch a staph infection is the improper handling of food. Hence, staph infection is risky business. Knowing the signs and symptoms of the condition can certainly help in seeking early treatment and preventing further complications.

Here are 10 signs and symptom of Staph infection you need to know:


1. Nausea:

You can get staph infection from food contamination and it usually results in food poisoning. Therefore, nausea is a resulting symptom. In fact, staph infection most often affects the gastrointestinal tract, and is accompanied by chills, and vomiting. Although there may be over the counter medicines for nausea, it is best to see a doctor especially if you experience vomiting.

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