10 Health Benefits of MCT Oil

Medium-chain triglyceride or MCT is a type of saturated fat. People who specialize in this area often say that this specific fat is healthier than other saturated fats. The human body absorbs it much faster than others and it is more easily used as fuel for the body. The reason for this is because it has fewer carbon molecules as compared to others, allowing the body to digest it faster.

Here are the 10 health benefits of MCT oil you need to know:

1. Supports Blood Sugar Levels and Diabetes

MCTs have been shown to lower fat storage and to also increase fat burning which is always a plus. A small study exhibited a significant cutback in insulin resistance when consuming it as opposed to others taking corn oil, which contained long-chain triglycerides. Along with the insulin resistance it can also help with weight loss. People who consumed MCTs were subsequently injected with insulin, revealing that they needed much less sugar to support normal blood sugar levels. Crucial factors to also consider are timing and how much food is consumed which can markedly influence the effects of the oil.


10 benefits of MCT oil