What Causes Mood Swings In Diabetes

Stress that is associated with managing diabetes and concerns of any potential side effects can all contribute to mood changes. Moreover, the actual lows and highs of ones blood sugar level can also lead to anxiety, nervousness and confusion. It is important for diabetic patients to learn how to recognize their own symptoms of low or high blood sugar. It is also vital to seek immediate medical support concerning any mental health symptoms that they will experience.

Why Does Diabetes and Mood Swings Go Together?

Diabetes can affect one’s mood in so many ways:

  • Managing diabetes can be stressful as you end up getting worried constantly about your blood sugar, if it is going to too high or too low.
  • Making adjustments to your diet as well as checking the blood sugar constantly can also cause more stress. Thus, diabetes patients are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.
  • Blood sugar swings can lead to rapid changes in a person’s mood. At times, a patient can get irritable and sad. This is especially important in the event of hypoglycemic episodes, wherein the blood sugar level can dip too low. If one’s level of blood sugar levels return to normal range, the symptoms will most likely go away. As a matter of fact, mood changes as well as mental status are the first signs that one’s level of blood sugar is not right.

diabetes mood swing