What is Diabetes Ketoacidosis: Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatments


2. Statistics

According to statistics, 14% of diabetics who got admitted to a hospital have been found to have diabetic ketoacidosis. Furthermore, 16% of diabetics who died are due to diabetic ketoacidosis. Mostly common in type 1 diabetes, 2 out of 100 patients with diabetes are said to have diabetic ketoacidosis.

This condition has been found to be more common in developing countries than in industrialized countries. The reason behind this is not exactly known, however, it’s been observed to be higher on Caucasians and mostly affects females. Diabetic ketoacidosis is most common in younger patients with Type 1 diabetes. In the UK, 4% of those with type 1 diabetes develop ketoacidosis. But in Malaysia, it affects 25% of people with type 1 diabetes.


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