Blood Sugar Control Tip – Amla

According to studies, the ayurveda Amla contains a mineral to help in blood sugar control and is effective in preventing pancreatitis.


What is Amla?

Amla is a fruit of the Indian gooseberry tree which is native to the hilly regions of India. It produces abundant amount of fruits in autumn. Due to its health benefits, Amla has been used as a traditional Ayurveda treatment. It is a topical treatment for hair and skin problems, and several other ailments. The yellow green fruit is sour tasting and mostly consumed fresh. It also comes in sweetened and preserved form.

How Does Amla Help in Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control?

According to a study done in the University of Maryland, Amla is an effective remedy in preventing pancreatitis. This condition happens if the pancreas becomes inflamed. A healthy pancreas plays an important role in keeping your blood sugar at bay.

In addition, Amla is rich in chromium, an important mineral that helps to regulate carbohydrate metabolism. It helps increase responsiveness to insulin hence helping in blood sugar control

How to Use Amla for Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control?

It is recommended that you consume fresh fruit of Amla every day. You can also make a juice out of it or make it into preserves. On the other hand, you can purchase powdered Amla from various Asian health and specialty stores. You can sprinkle powdered Amla onto your salads and soups. If you need it as a pancreatic tonic, medical experts recommend that you consume up to 6 grams of Amla powder daily. You can easily consume the powder by mixing it with water or added into your preferred beverage like tea, coffee or juice.

Consult your doctor before you start supplementing your meal with Amla. You doctor or nutritionist will be able to better advise you on suitability and dosage based on your condition.

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