10 Signs and Symptoms of Sun Poisoning

1. Pain and Swelling

A common symptom of sun poisoning is the affected skin becoming swollen and red. Sometimes, this can result in painful eczema-like lesions. This redness and swelling is more sever than experienced with a typical sunburn, and it’s necessary to get out of the sun as soon as you notice it. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be taken to relieve pain, and aloe gel or other moisturizers can be beneficial too. Be sure to cover these areas if you must go outside again.


2. Nausea

Sun poisoning can cause nausea, which may make you feel like you have a different sickness, like a virus or the flu. If you find yourself with a nauseous stomach or vomiting after time in the sun, you could have sun poisoning. Now is the time to rehydrate, stay out of the sun and rest until nausea and other symptoms subside.

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