10 Signs and Symptoms of Liver Damage

According to the American Liver Foundation (ALF), the typical adult liver weighs up to three pounds – about the size of your average football. It is the largest single organ in the human body.

As the ALF points out, it is not possible to live without a liver. So it just follows that as liver function declines, you may start to feel worse. Up to 5.5 million adults are living with chronic liver disorders, yet many do not realize it and even think their symptoms arise from another cause.

In this article, learn about 10 key warning signs and symptoms of liver damage so you can seek treatment without delay.

1. Persistent deep fatigue.

Persistent chronic fatigue is one of the most universally-recognized symptoms of liver damage.

Yet because fatigue is also associated with a number of other health conditions, this makes it all too easy to miss the link between fatigue and decreased liver function.


While researchers are not fully clear about why fatigue is so strongly linked to liver problems, there is data to suggest the root cause comes from changes to specific brain hormone levels, production of which are impacted by impaired liver function.